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Moss, Moss, Baby!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The cool, moist climate of the Pacific Northwest is one of the reasons we all choose to live here. However, with this mild climate comes moss — and that can become a major problem for structures.

Moss is most often a problem on rooftops, concrete and asphalt surfaces. It holds the moisture in and can create mold and rot, breaking down those surfaces. To develop a moss prevention program for you, the team at Classic Grounds Care LLC first attempts to properly prune and thin vegetation to allow more sunlight penetration.

If the moss is on a rooftop and has not covered the roof thickly, all loose debris are removed and a zinc or copper solution is applied to kill and prevent regrowth. An added benefit to these products is that they will also control the black growth, algae, which can damage and stain your roof.

Since Gary and the team are up there (on your rooftop), they will clean out your gutter as well. On other surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, decks, fences, siding, etc., the appropriate products are used to safely remove moss and algae and to prevent regrowth.

Classic Grounds Care LLC never uses homemade products such as laundry detergent, bleach or baking soda. The products used are safe, environmentally friendly and EPA-registered. They’re specifically developed for controlling moss and algae on the surfaces described above.

Remember to never use a product on your surfaces that will dry or damage your skin. The same damage that would happen to your skin will also happen to your surfaces.

Anyone who owns a house with a lawn will no doubt have encountered the scourge of yards known as Lawn Moss.

Mosses, along with the majority of lawn weeds, mostly take full advantage of areas which are barren in the lawn, or of yards which are sparsely covered at best. Moss flourishes in parts of a yard which are shady, while weeds prefer to dig in where there is direct sunlight available.

The good news is that such Lawn Moss does not eliminate existing grass, like a number of individuals fear. The greatest defense where lawn moss is concerned proves to be a full and vibrant grassy lawn.

Causes of Lawn Moss Bare patches in a family’s lawn come from a variety of different causes. Some of these are poor lawn drainage, grass varieties which are not appropriate for the climate and area, soil compaction, drought, too much shade, poor ground fertility, an accumulation of thatch, poor mowing practices, diseases, and various other cultural particulars.

Many typical reasons for lawn failure include moss and additional problems with weeds. Through improving these elements in the lawn, you can get healthy, thicker grass. Ironically, a healthy lawn is the central element necessary in successful long term prevention and control of lawn moss.

If you are the DIY type and are looking to save a buck and treat your own lawn moss, here are a few tips:

Materials and Items Necessary to Fight Lawn Moss The following materials and items are needed in the war against the persistent foe of lawn moss:

A small shovel A metal rake Trimmers Lawn Lime Grass seeds Moss Killing Products

Lawn moss can be beaten back, this is the best news of all. Weed killer which contain ferrous ammonium sulfate or ferrous sulfate are effective. Call today and ask Gary what sort of products he uses to fight moss. 360-698-1292

Fortunately, these products have not been proven to cause any harm to the environment. To the contrary, sulfur and iron are necessary nutrients for healthy grass, improving its color.

While it is true that such commercially available moss pesticides will eliminate the currently present lawn moss, if the home owner does not alter the conditions which underlay the problem in the first place, then he or she can rest assured that the lawn moss or different weeds will probably soon put in an unwelcome reappearance.

If this sounds like a lot of work and you would rather leave it to the professionals, we got you covered! And your lawn NOT covered in moss. We can create an individualized treatment plan for your lawn and bring it back to healthy again. Call today for your free consultation/estimate 360-698-1292

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