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Homeowners Insurance debacle?

Did you know that Classic Grounds Care LLC is pre-approved with most insurance carriers? We offer 24-hour emergency assistance and are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Gary will always work off your adjustor’s quotes. This means that you or your insurance carrier will never pay more than the amount approved by the insurance adjustor.

No additional markups or hidden fees. The team can also help you and your insurance carrier by providing any documentation needed to streamline the claim process and make sure your property is restored to pre damaged conditions.

Filing a homeowner insurance claim. Insurance companies generally consider your claims history when deciding to continue covering you or adjusting your premiums. Before you file a claim, make sure your claim is worthwhile. For example, if the repairs cost only slightly more than your deductible, you may want to consider not turning in a claim and just pay for the repairs yourself. If you truly believe that repairs will exceed your on! How to file a claim. Contact your insurance agent or company. Review your policy with them and make sure your damages are covered. Ask what information they need to process your claim. Provide that information, including your contact information, if you are unable to live in the damaged home. Be ready to provide receipts, photos, etc. as proof of your losses. ALWAYS keep copies. The team at Classic Grounds Care are happy to help you work with your insurance company to get you the best possible results, post damage.

What to expect after you file a claim and What to expect from your insurer. Your company will send an adjuster to determine the damage. Then the discussion on who you’d like to do the work starts. We recommend Classic Grounds Care. In general, your insurer must complete its investigation of your claim within 30 days from the date you file the claim. What you need to do: -stay involved; -try and stop any further damage to your home; -take lots of photos to document the damage; -keep track of your damage related expenses, your insurer may reimburse you; -don’t expect your adjuster to be your general contractor, that is what we are here for; -stay in contact with both your adjuster & contractor. Classic Grounds Care will also be in close communication with your adjuster to keep the process moving forward & remedied as soon as possible; -if something doesn’t make sense, ask questions! We are happy to explain & sometimes educate; -talk with your insurer; -know your claim responsibilities and rights. We are happy to help & we are there to provide 24 hour emergency services, especially during storm season.

Hiring a general contractor for homeowner insurance claims. Once you file a homeowner claim, it’s important you get a contractor who meets your standards and the requirements of your insurance company. Classic Grounds Care is pre-approved for most homeowners insurance companies. You also want to make sure you don’t get stuck paying additional costs. Classic Grounds Care works closely with your insurer & adjuster to make sure we stay within the approved costs of your claim. We guarantee our work. If we didn’t do it right the first time, we will be back to fix it and no additional charge.

Upgrading your home: During the repair work, if your contractor suggests an upgrade, make sure you understand your insurance coverage before you OK the work. If the work goes beyond restoring the property to its previous condition, you may have to pay the difference. If your house needs an upgrade to meet current building codes, check your policy or with your agent to see if you have law and ordinance coverage. It provides your with financial protection against higher repair and replacement costs due to updated building codes.

We are happy to help facilitate all of these things by keeping good lines of communication open with you, your insurance agent and the adjustor. Give us a call for a free estimate/consultation. 360-398-1292

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