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Mowing & Fertilizing

It is important to maintain the recommended height of the grass blades to that roots stay cool and moist, and to create a barrier between airborne seeds and the ground so weeds cannot germinate. Fertilizing keeps your lawn healthy and beautiful

Lawn Mower

Edging & Trimming

Trimming the lawn makes horizontal cuts to eliminate grass and weeds in areas in which your mower can't reach or wherein it is able to injure plants. Edging makes vertical cuts that define walkways, islands, borders and flower beds.

Removing Weeds

Weed Control

Is the botanical component of pest control, which attempts to stop weeds, especially noxious weeds, from competing with desired flora and fauna.

Gardening Equipment


The benefit of pruning are usually not noticeable until the next season. By cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems allows the fruitfulness and beautiful growth for the next bloom.



Is perfect for plants in formal landscapes. When you shear, you trim the shrub with the goal of maintaining an elegant, showy, clean look.

Lawn Mower Tutorials

Lawn & Bed Care

Maintaining the health, color and vitality your lawn. 



Using herbicides that prevent undesired weeds in your lawn helping to control the weed seeds so they do not sprout. Application and timing are very important for weed prevention success.

Jumping in the Leaves

Leaf/Debris Removal

Removing leaves and additional debris from your yard is important for two reasons. First, it makes your yard look better as the leaves continue to fall. Debris removal keeps your grass from being weighed down and crushed. Also prevents the growth of fungi and diseases than can harm your grass and spread across your yard.



Plants that are grown professionally to add that special decorative flair to your yard or garden

Apple Orchard

Fruit Trees

Planting them in the right places to grow to new heights. We also offer services to prune them to promote the best growth for the next season.

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